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DadVice 6 – The Undiscovered Country 0

DadVice 6 – The Undiscovered Country

I think I’m in love with my same sex guy best friend. I don’t believe I’m gay and I’m just so confused about everything right now. Has anyone experienced anything similar? How do I...

DadVice 5


Question 1 First, let me add some context: So I live in an apartment with 4 girls, and one of them is black. She’s been smoking weed in the apartment, and after many times...

ShemWorld Summer Blowout 1

ShemWorld Summer Blowout

We have an itinerary for anyone that wants to come to the best party of the summer: August 25th 18:00 Fab Cafe Manchester   Be there or be square!


IT (2017)

I’d best start off all open and honest – so full disclosure: When I heard this movie was being remade, I was… disappointed. Angry. Frustrated. And bitter. Bitter was probably the overwhelming sensation. Bitterness...

ShemFest Reflections 0

ShemFest 2017: Reflections

Another ShemFest has been and gone. The aches, pains and tiredness have just about subsided, so it is as good a time as any to reflect. The day kicked off with Rock, Mike and...