Just Cause 3

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  1. You know, I always knew JC3 was an average, mediocre game but I couldn’t work out why I just couldnt enjoy it… Untill this review where its written out in front of me, it reminds me too much of the bad sections of Assassin’s Creed games (the Base capturing and the tower defence) when I just wanted to go around and assassinate the shit heads. But as apparent with always online bit, we start seeing Square Enix (the publisher) start bring in the shitty practices of their own games into the 3 party developers (more noticeable in its later release of rise of the tomb raider and its “knock off” halo card system and then deys ex flat out putting in micro transactions) and that depresses me as I thought Squeenix were learning from their mistakes but sadly not. Great review shem game is worth the 2.5 as is a future review I most likely will see in a few weeks I bet.

    • Shemmie says:

      It breaks my heart to be fair. I loved Just Cause 2. Played it to completion on both PC and Xbox 360.

      It was just so much fun. Fast, furious fun. And it was only boring if you let it be boring. And I never let it be boring.

      That JC3 is more of a chug chug chug (Avalanche really need to work on the engine – hard to believe this is the same engine that smoothly ran Mad Max), and Square Enix ram this crap into their games (Just like Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment)… I think these are more symptoms of the problem, than the cause. I feel the cause was simply taking their eyes off the ball when it came to designing “fun”. Adding things like “Keep track of records against your friends” only works if people can be bothered to try and beat one another.

      There’s just no incentive in this game.

      Cheers for the feedback!

  2. Mad Max had the same sort of problem with the game. Not enough variation in the missions themselves, but hey, there’s a zillion copies of them to do!

    • Shemmie says:

      Mad Max was a step away from the brilliance of Just Cause 2, but I’d have to say Just Cause 3 is just as much a step away from Mad Max, again.

      At least Mad Max offered some interesting car controls and battles; sadly with Just Cause 3, they’re almost exclusively used from getting from A to B. The “drive a bomb at a target” sub-missions offer a difference, but it’s just not enough. And even then, for what should in theory be great fun (Drive fast car at a bunch of vehicles, and dive out before it hits, when a bomb goes off) it just… isn’t.

      It’s a really sad state of affairs.

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