ShemFest 2017 IS A GO!


ShemFest 2017 is a go!

August 26th, 2017 @ the Old Joint Stock in Birmingham

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Update – 4th April, 2017

We are delighted to confirm that, thanks to a very kind person we have been working with, we have managed to source a small cache of hardware!

We are currently testing some XBox 360s, a PS2, some Wii’s and a GameCube. That’s in addition to some emulated hardware (Amigas) that we hope to have ‘real’ Amiga joysticks for, this year!

(This is very much an ongoing process, and select consoles are subject to change.)

Today we’re delighted to confirm the venue has been booked, so we’re all guns blazing!

A massive, massive thank you to our backers for helping us to fund the venue – which, this year will be the Old Joint Stock theatre, in Birmingham. We’ve managed to book the theatre and its private bar, so we hope to have a delightfully vidya-ie grown-up-kids-should-know-better-but-dont day.
The event will be August 26th, from midday until 6 pm (with drinks until late) – so we hope to put on the biggest, longest, most crazy-ass day yet!

Very shortly we will be re-opening ticket sales, so that people who were unable to get tickets during the KickStarter are able to get booked up.

As always, you can follow us on Twitter, or join us on the Facebook event page for the latest information.

And as always, thank you, for making this a reality.

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